How to shell a lobster
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How to shell a lobster

Do you love how tender lobster is, but only eat it once in a blue moon because you don’t know how to shell it properly? Just follow these steps and you’ll be shelling like a pro!

1- Remove the tail

In one quick motion, twist the tail to detach it from the body.

2- Crack open the tail’s shell

Wrap the tail in a dish towel and press on it with both hands until you hear a crack.

3- Remove the meat from the tail

Use the towel to protect your hands and open the shell of the tail like a book, then remove the meat.

4- Remove the meat from the arms

Detach the arms from the body, then sever the knuckle to separate the arm from the claw. Cut the shell of the arms with kitchen shears. Scoop out the meat with your fingers.

5- Remove the shell from the “thumb”

Slowly pull the “thumb” upward and to the left to break the joint. Gently remove the meat from the shell.

6- Remove the meat from the claws

In one motion, crack the shell with the blade of a chef’s knife, then rotate the knife to split open the shell. Carefully remove the meat from the claw to keep it in one piece

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